transforming the business of transplantation

Quality & Peer Reviews

Modern transplant programs are not only stewards for a scarce resource, but also must perform in a highly competitive and complex regulatory environment.  Regulatory agencies have taken a heightened interest in transplant patient outcomes and the day-to-day operation of transplant programs. It is imperative that an organization be effectively designed to implement and maintain an efficient, regulatory compliance transplant program that produces quality patient outcomes.

TMG provides Quality Reviews and Peer Reviews, both preemptively for programs potentially facing non-compliance with CMS and/or UNOS, and for programs required to do so as part of a Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA) with CMS.  Our services include:

  • Transplant QAPI Program Analysis
  • Transplant QAPI Program Implementation
  • Preemptive Multidisciplinary Independent Peer Review
  • SIA Fulfillment of Independent Peer Review
  • SIA Fulfillment of Onsite Quality Consultant