transforming the business of transplantation

Program Feasibility & Start Up

The clinical and administrative complexities of transplantation can be overwhelming to a hospital considering the start-up of a transplant program. As such, our first step in providing a Transplant Feasibility Study is education. We empower a hospital with the necessary knowledge to make an informed and calculated decision. Along with the education, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the following to create a robust financial pro-forma of projected volumes and required resources:

  • Demographics and Incidence of End State Organ Disease of the Potential Patient Base
  • Current Transplant Competition in the Market and Organ Availability
  • Contractual Relationships necessary to Initiate and Sustain a Transplant Program
  • Certificate of Need Assistance
  • Facilities and Staffing Infrastructure Requirements
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Transplant Critical Success Factors

For transplant programs in the beginning phases of implementation or restructuring, TMG offers the following program support and consulting services:

  • OPTN/UNOS Application
  • Recruitment of Physician and Administrative Leaders
  • Interim Leadership Placement
  • Staff Training
  • Workflow Development
  • QAPI Program Development
  • Medicare Cost Report and Transplant Billing Readiness and Training
  • CMS Certification Readiness
  • Managed Care Contracting