transforming the business of transplantation


TMG was founded in 1997 with the purpose of utilizing our knowledge and expertise as current professionals in the transplant community to provide consulting, recruitment and educational services to transplant centers and organizations planning to start a transplant program. TMG’s Principals and a team of consultants provide a vast array of consulting services for TMG based on their respective areas of transplant expertise.  TMG was the first firm to realize and fulfill an unmet need in consulting and educational services to transplant programs and remains the top consulting firm as evidenced by TMG’s continued success and stability. Although a few firms have attempted to duplicate TMG’s business model, none have been as successful in providing consistent and quality consulting services and education.

“We are current transplant professionals, so we understand what you are facing and what you need.”


TMG Principals and the majority of the Senior Consultants are employed full-time by transplant centers/organizations across the country. This brings valuable real-time experience and data to assist our clients in all areas of transplantation – from starting a new transplant program to creating sustainable improvements in their existing transplant business operations. As current transplant professionals, TMG is aware of the frequent changes to regulations and reimbursement. As such, policies, protocols and templates are appropriately updated in a timely manner to meet current needs of clients. Additionally, many TMG consultants are currently serving or have served on various National and Regional Transplant boards and are members of transplant professional committees.


TMG has been owned and operated since the inception by founding Principals, John Rogers and Edward Zavala. TMG consultants possess an average of 19 years of experience in transplantation and an average of 8 years as consultants exclusively with TMG.


TMG has assisted over 115 transplant centers and hospitals, most of which have approached us based on our reputation and referrals from other transplant centers. Our clients include well-known, high-volume, multi-million dollar transplant enterprises and health care systems. Many transplant centers are repeat clients as their needs grow and change over time.


Although we are “transplant consultants,” TMG understands
the impact that transplantation has on the overall healthcare organization and the integration of clinical and business practices that must occur throughout the continuum
of patient care. We have the resources and, more importantly, the current experience to step in, identify the areas for improvement, and set a transplant program on a course for improved operations, compliance, financial performance and sustainable growth.


TMG has provided an annual workshop on “The Practice of Transplant Administration” to the transplant community since 1995. Transplant business professionals and transplant surgeons/physicians representing over seventy-five percent of the transplant centers in the United States have attended the workshop. Both TMG Principals and many of the Senior Consultants are regularly asked to present at various transplant conferences across the country.